Verse – The Honest Truth

She’s had men that weren’t all
They should have been
Imperfect and brutish
Jealous of her mind
Possessive of her body
Such men that weren’t men at all
Large boys or, at worst, small beasts

Now, though, she has me,
but am I no better?
I wonder how I’ve treated
Her any differently
She still cries, when I told her
She never would again

So begin the beginning of my lies
With an end I haven’t yet seen
When I look into my heart
I know I am no real change
Even my intentions are not honorable,
Selfish in my greed for companionship

With sight unclouded by delusion
I see the end winding toward us
He is coming ever closer, telling her
Different lies that are exactly the same
But it’ll convince me took, and I’ll
Feel she is better off so I can forget

~~ Ryan Brockey

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