Verse – She Said to Me

I’m afraid that I don’t know you
So I’m gonna have to
Ask you to leave

You’ve shared that bed with me
For far too long
And now it just. feels. wrong.

I’m just not taken with you
I’m not sure I ever was now
You need to get the hell out
And I just don’t care how.

Oh, god, please don’t cry
I don’t want to lie:
Say “we can still be friends”

But no, this is where it ends
It doesn’t matter where we’ve been
I never have to see. you. again.

I’m not into you
I’m not sure I ever was now
Don’t kiss me goodbye
And get the hell out of town.

Now don’t get me wrong,
We’ve just been here for too long,
And we can’t end it too fast.

Our good times just didn’t last
Any more time would be a waste
So I need you out. of. my. face.

I am now so over you
This is about me
And I don’t want you
I’ve already asked you to leave.

~~ Ryan Brockey

So, I spent the morning listening to Katy Perry while working on homework.  I tend to write during my first two classes and this is what came out.

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