Verse 12.26.09 – Jazz

Lookin inside, findin all I have to hide
From this such as he is all-knowing God
Faces that even I barely recognize
Though the mirror can see them all
I’m findin just enough to remind me
That this vessel ain’t not empty

Drivin yet deeper it is quintessential truth
That what you can count is far less
Than the space that is in between
Differing degrees of infinity
Are found if we’ll only ask the subtle question that is rising ever closer to the surface of our yet-placated minds. Thus, it is a peripheral thought. No mind can fathom directly what comes right at the edge of sleep, or more likely, the moment of touching God. So it is enlightenment, after all; an epiphany is what we seek. Hidden in that last place
Careful habits allow us to search
Everytime, you know

Beautiful faces glowing in that moonlight
Shining with that human potential
That is so popular to write about nowadays
With those European novelists
Between me and you
They are just mimicking their Russian counterparts who are so much more entertaining to read. They are just so dour about it, you know? The voice is dark and depressed, but the message is so hopeful. Even a communist can find some humor given a proper helping of vodka. The Russian writers are also less strict about their language, making each work more unique and able to match its sound to its style. Forget those stuffy European formulaic works
Just pursue the more desirable abstract
Peel back the layers as new experience
Unlocks meaning to your young mind

–Ryan Brockey

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