Slime Mold Prototyping quick blog

New article in the New York Tims Science sectionSlime Mold Proves to Be a Brainy Blob

Japanese researchers were able to use a type of slime mold to more or less replicate the network of train-rail connections among three dozen Japanese cities. The slime mold was able to come up with an equivalently efficient network in just over a day’s time.

This points to some interesting possibilities as far as using biology in the planning of technology. If this slime mold naturally forms efficient networks, including contingency connections, then it could aid in quickly designing networks for our technology to use. For example, as the article mentioned, mobile communication networks.

Taken to the extreme, could we adapt this slime mold, modify it, and use it as a network and let it build our networks for us, infrastructure and everything?

What's your opinion?

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