Just Be With Me

Is the night darker on your side of town?
We were walking in a twilight heaven
and with a kiss we parted to independent nights.
I walked away from you as you ascended your steps
Now I am not going home, it is too empty
Though the strangers of these crowded streets
Are no substitute for you when you are with me.
Each face might be yours, but never ever is.
And this pull of my heart keeps me searching
In vain, pointlessly, with full investment.

Is the loneliness so complete in your empty bed?
Can you find what you are missing tonight?
Could every sound be me knockin’ at your door?
Is this going to be the hardest night of your life,
At least until the next night you spend alone?
A lifetime lies between us and the morning,
Knowing it’ll be heart-breakingly empty.
And all of our effort is poured into surviving until
That revival that comes with being together again.

–Ryan Brockey

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