Verse – 05.31.10

Atop the cliff face, she surmounts the clutching sea,
all the light of the universe reflecting from her pale hair, glistening white.
eyes closed, the roar from below is all she can see,
mere echo of each and every voice in her life, so falsely compassionate.

Now eyes open, the infinite grey sparkles meaninglessly,
where her heart may once have opened and broken
the symbolism of an infinite ocean is now empty. Ruthlessly,
each intimate stranger added their own scarring token.

Nuclear rage weaponizes her scream, muting the muttering sea,
but only too briefly, for this is a war of gods that no one wins,
her clawing screech weakens and she can only whimper helplessly.
again she is pushed to her knees, victim of deceived emotions.

Awash in despair, the last of her strength carries her right to the verge
where her defiance can finally give way to her fate:
the crashing, roaring lies of a beautiful sea hide a truth
the ocean can deliver salvation in but one way, much too late.

–R. Brockey


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