Status Update: Status update

This is an unusual blog for me. It is merely a status update. I haven’t posted a blog in a long while, but I have not abandoned the notion. In the two months since my last post enough has happened that just an update will have enough substance to justify itself.

So, what’s been going on?

Since my last post, Leah has moved up to Portland for her summer internship with Providence St. Vincent and then moved back. Her and I have also moved into a new apartment. It’s a little two-story number in an apartment complex and everything. It’s student housing, so it is cheap and pretty nice. There are a community center and three different laundry facilities. The apartment we are in is only three years old, so it is very modern (with some modern designs that make you go, “Why the hell’d they do that?”).

Leah and I spent our anniversary (July 8th) at a great little bed and breakfast in Hussum, Washington. We celebrated over the Fourth of July weekend. We watched fireworks in Hood River and went to a public telescope and saw Saturn and Venus and visited a replica of Stonehenge. Leah put this whole trip together and it was amazing. I am pretty sure it was the best weekend I’ve ever had.

A couple of weekends ago I ran the Crater Lake Rim Run half marathon. You can follow that link and see the results, but I’ll sift mine out for you: 53rd with a time of 2:15:36. I am satisfied with the time as it is just about what I expected. The Rim Run is amazing. You would come out of the trees and the view would open up leaving you running right on the edge of the Rim. The course is great too. Except the last 3.5 miles. That’s all climb. I didn’t realize that. I was running strong on all the hills up to that point, because I knew they would eventually end. 2.5 miles into that final climb I realized it was going all the way to the finish.

Oh, and I ran it in my Vibram FiveFingers. They are the only shoe I run in now.

Now, though, life seems to be returning to a normal routine. Leah is trying to switch to a polyphasic sleep routine in an attempt to maximize the use of her time. That is interesting and at times trying, but overall I am proud of her for attempting it.

In order to update more often, I think I am going to start posting a “Things I’m excited about” article periodically. I am not going to stick to a particular schedule for reasons similar to those my friend Brooke gave in her blog. These articles will probably just be link dumps with a little exposition from me. For example, the things I’m excited about or have caught my attention lately:

Halo: Reach comes out September 14th. I had given up video games for the summer in an attempt to spend more time reading, writing, and working on projects. While that hiatus has already ended, it will be totally forgotten when Reach comes out. I am taking the day off of work. It is going to be frakking epic.

Diaspora launches September 15th. Diaspora is an open-source alternative to Facebook designed to be privacy aware. I am all kinds of excited for this. You can bet I will be pushing and plugging Diaspora like crazy. I want everyone on Facebook to switch over to Diaspora the first month and the internet can get on without missing a beat. Diaspora will be more robust and more user-friendly. It will be social-networking done right.

The Legend of Neil is about a guy that gets sucked into the original Legend of Zelda via auto-erotic asphyxiation. Oh, yeah, its NSFW. I’m interested because it is written by Sandeep Parikh and features Felicia Day, both of which I love in The Guild.

Subsequent posts will probably feature five to ten similar links and blurbs.

So, that is what’s been happening with me. Here’s a look at the weather in your neck of the woods.


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