I have always liked New Year’s resolutions.  Self-improvement is one of the major themes of my life, and the new year is a time when it is expected that you exclaim to the world exactly how you plan to make yourself better over the coming year.  Or how you plan to disappoint yourself in two weeks.This year, I want to address and remedy one of the major imbalances I’ve noticed in myself.  I have a lot of drive to create.  I have story ideas, and poem ideas, blog ideas, math ideas, physics ideas, programming ideas, large and small project ideas that combine other ideas.  But, my time is limited.  So is my energy.

So, when I have a few spare moments and my energy stores are bottoming out, I usually choose just to consume other people’s ideas.  It’s just easier.  I’ll play a videogame, I’ll watch a show or a movie, I’ll read a book,  I’ll read web articles or watch web videos; I’ll do a thousand little things that require no intellectual or creative effort beyond finding the thing I want to consume.  So, I spend this time consuming, which means I have less time for creating.

If I looked at the rough hours I spend consuming compared to creating, I think it’d be a ten-to-one ratio.  And that is conservative, in the hopes of retaining some of my dignity.

That brings me to my resolution.  I don’t want to just spend less time consuming or more time creating, I want to do both and change the balance of my ratio.  I hope by July I can estimate my ratio to be closer to five-to-one.  I would love to have it down to two-to-one by the end of 2011.

I will always consume more than I create, and I’m pretty sure I want it that way.  Consumption of ideas spawns new ideas and it drives me to create.  Really, the main goal is just to create more, and since I cannot fit more hours into my day, I have to gain them from somewhere else.  I know that some of what I consume is just utter crap and a complete waste of time.  Time that could be better spent.

So, expect to see more posts.  No promises for frequency, because it will probably be sporadic and irregular.  But there will be more posts and more of everything I have a desire to do.  Here’s to 2011.


3 thoughts on “2011

  1. That sounds like a grand idea, I for one look forward to all your new creations of 2011. Happy New Year!

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