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Quick update about what’s goin’ on with me and some developments that I am excited about.

Eugene Half, Corvallis Half

I signed up for the Eugene Half Marathon with my running buddy Becca.  The race is the first of May, so we have plenty of time to prepare, and we both already have half marathons under our belts.  She found out that Corvallis is hosting its inaugural half marathon on April 10th, though.  We’re probably going to run that too, but we’re still considering.


Another friend is encouraging me to submit something for the 2011 Wordstock Festival short fiction competition.  He’s working on a story to submit and I think this is a good opportunity for me to focus and write something.  The deadline for this year has not been announced, but in previous years it has always been around the end of June or beginning of July.  I have an idea I’m kicking around; hopefully I can turn it into something worthwhile.

I’m really excited about the new profile site About.Me.  With all of the various networks most of us are part of across the whole of the web, our identities can get disconnected.  About.Me allows you to make a very professional looking single page profile that features a high resolution picture of yourself, or anything else, for the background and a short biographical blurb.

Just the format of your About.Me page’s address is useful:  Simple.  You can include it in the header of your resume.  It goes perfect anywhere and anyone who sees it knows exactly what they are going to find on the other end of the link.

What makes it not just another profile page, though, is that you then connect your Facebook profile, your Twitter feed, your various blogs, your Flickr albums, your YouTube channel, all of your disparate internet identities and presences.  Right from your About.Me profile, visitors can see your latest pictures and posts on Facebook, your most recent tweet or blog post, your newest album or video.  They can then click on through to visit you on those networks.

My page is  Give it a visit.  Then click the  button to visit a random profile.

About.Me also features some visitor tracking information that could be useful if you are trying to become well known on the net.

Project Euler

For some time I’d been looking for something to keep my math programming skills sharp other than little projects I come up with for myself.  When I found Project Euler I discovered a useful way to keep in practice while addressing interesting problems.  The website is an offshoot of  It is a community of people that create and solve mathematical problems.

I actually aim to create a page here dedicated to the problems I solve.  Most of the problems have a specific solution, but part of the challenge for me is going to be generalizing the problem.  I will create a post on my Project Euler page with my specific solution, attempted generalized solution, and also an explanation of what I learned in the process of solving the problem.  I will implement solutions in both F# and TI-89 Basic.


I’m really excited about this puzzle game that feature a 4th spatial dimension.  This sort of hypothetical simulation is where video games can excel and I wish there were more games like this.  There is no release date and the website has not been updated in months, maybe over a year.  Regardless, I will be sure to spread the word when Miegakure comes out.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

The final five episodes of Caprica have been posted and the series is now concluded.  It’s probably for the best.  Caprica was not great.  While I’ve watched the series so far, and I plan to view the final episodes, it lost the spirit of Battlestar Galactica.

So I took it as good news when SyFy announced they will be airing a new BSG series: Blood and Chrome.  The series will follow the exploits of a young William Adama as he fights the first Cylon War.  Hopefully this new project will be a return to form for the Battlestar series.

Conan O’Brien’s new show Conan

Conan‘s back!


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