Quick Blog – A Good Day and a site addition

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted anything.  But today has been a good day and those don’t get written about enough.  Especially by me.  I tend to write if I have issues I need to work through or if I have something big and exciting to share.  I’m less inclined after just a regular day where I did stuff but nothing much happened.

Today was good though.  Frequently throughout the day I felt glad and joyful and proud of myself.  Today was the last day I met with the two students I’ve been tutoring for the last year or so.  Both sessions went well, both students are well prepared to tackle their finals and really to continue on and be unafraid of math.  They gave me a card and wrote some really nice thanks.  I felt great after I read it, like I touched their lives in a meaningful way.  Some of my worst days were saved by tutoring these two.  I always looked forward to it.

Now I’m done and all I have to focus on is moving to DC.  I have living arrangements.  I’ll rent a room for June and July, then move into my permanent place in August.  The permanent dwelling I found is actually just a rented room as well.  I like it, though.  I have a bedroom and a living-room/den room.  That will be nice to have some extra space to myself.  The people I am renting the room from are really nice and friendly.  They also rent out another room, so I’m interested to meet the other house-mate.

Leah and I are getting stuff packed up pretty well.  In about a week, we’ll move her stuff up to Portland.  The rest of the stuff is going into storage this weekend.  I am feeling really good about this move, even though it is big and difficult and strange.


I need a place where I can keep a list of books I want to read and books people have recommended to me.  I think I am going to create a page here for my book list.  Then people can give me recommendations through the comments section.  I am also thinking of a way for people to up-rank recommendations if they think I should read something someone else has recommended.

I could even do multiple pages: one for movies, one for music, one for flavors of Ben & Jerry’s.  Mostly these would be a place for me to jot down things I wanted to check out later, but it would be cool if other people could chime in if they wanted to.


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