Happy Anniversary, Leah

Hollow, like unfulfilled expectation/ The worst part about the situation/ An emptiness that I chose/ Now three thousand miles away/ Makes me kind of suppose/ I could have made a mistake//  When I left my heart behind/ This made sense at the time/ Not too hard, but of course/ I didn’t know the pain would enhance/ Common sense: attachment abhors/ Separation by such a mighty distance//  Regardless of how I now feel/ There is a bigger worry still/ That heart, my heart, is alone/ Without my ribs to embrace it/ If ever there comes a crushing blow/ What is there to be protective//  Without my loving blood/ Coming in a constant flood/ What other sustenance is there/ So that most special part of me/ Can thrive and never wither// There’s only one hope I can see  Now I wonder, in retrospective/ Have I been over-bearing or -protective?/ If not, then that lone hope stays/ That my distant heart had grown strong/ While it was within my embrace/ And will still beat for me when I return before long


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Leah

  1. Well, the more I read it, the more I like it. I love you.

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