How I’ve Been

Man, I have been busy.

I thought I was good at time management, but I’ve never had this much to accomplish on such a continuing basis.  Obviously I’m getting better, though, since I had time to write this entry :)

I just got up to get some dinner started and the can opener is gone.  No beans for me.  That’s okay, I had an open carton of soup in the fridge that I needed to finish.  I’ll check with the roommates when I see them.  There is one drawer where all of the silverware and utensils go.  But I checked everywhere.

So, anyway, I’m getting better at appropriately tracking my time.  I have to turn in my lesson plans for the coming week by 8pm on Sunday.  Last week I think I submitted them at 7:58.  Then I kept working on them afterwards until at least 11:00.  This week, though, I submitted them before 4:00 and that was because I finished and just let the sit in case I wanted to make any changes.

There was some issue with today as I was working on my lessons.  It would just stop playing and say that it could no longer play the station.  Refreshing wouldn’t help, I’d have to switch to a completely different station.  Once I start getting paid, I’m going to subscribe to Zune Pass, I think.  Not that it’s without flaw, just that I already use Zune a ton.

In less geeky and more relevant news, I am still trying to create goodmorning/nighttime habits.  I have four rules posted on my wall:

  • Do NOT go back to bed
  • 20 min: Run or strength
  • By 9:40: Brush teeth, stretch
  • In bed by 10:00, NO TV!

To explain, the first two are for in the morning.  I am trying to break my habit of getting up, resetting my alarm for another 15 or 20 minutes and going back to bed.  I am also trying to establish my very first 20 minutes of the day for exercise.  Then it is done and accomplished.  I can do more at the end of the day if I want but I won’t need to.

The second two bullet points are for at night.  If I stay up too late, I get so tired that I forget to brush my teeth.  I also want to make a habit out of going through a short stretching routine before I go to bed.  So, everyday I will exercise and stretch.  Both are accomplished.  Lastly, my bed time is 10:00.  Now, if I have work to do that is important enough, I will push that back by 30 minutes or so.  I also have a bad habit of turning on something on Netflix when I go to bed.  It is distracting enough that I don’t go to sleep as fast as I should.

So, those are some of my personal goals as I head into the last half of the DC Teaching Fellows Summer Institute.  I also want to start “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss which Aren recommended to me.  I haven’t read a book (or anything) for enjoyment since a couple weeks before I left Oregon.  I am eager to dive in and I am told that book won’t disappoint.  Plus, Leah’s reading it too, so I need to be on the same page.  This could be a world to go to now that Harry Potter is over.

Ooh, Harry Potter.  I went and saw the midnight premier of Deathly Hallows Part II with some friends I made over here.  I am so glad that I found people that were interested enough in Harry Potter to go see the midnight showing.  And one of them was really into it.  So far, that has been my most fun experience over here.  I enjoyed it a ton.  I can’t wait to see it again when I am less tired.  There are parts I can’t remember at all.

I know I have some readers that aren’t on Facebook and they feel like they miss out on those things I share there but don’t include in my blog.  These are the daily things I post there that I want to share, but I don’t feel are interesting enough to warrant the time of a blog post.  To those people, I direct you to my Twitter:  Almost anything I post on Facebook gets posted to Twitter as well.  My Twitter feed is also included on the home page of my blog, over to the right under the picture and subscription button.

So, I still have some time and I will definitely be able to go through my nighttime routine, get to bed early enough to get up and accomplish my morning routine.  And that will be a strong start to the week.

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