A Great Job

I returned to the ranks of the employed this week.  Out at Deck Family Farm I’ll be doing a little bit of a lot of things.  So much so, actually, that they want me to create my own job description.  As I work more and experience different aspects of the job, I’ll pick out the ones I am most competent in and can contribute the most with.

Many have wondered what I could possibly be doing on a farm, because apparently I don’t come across as the farm worker type.  Well, I won’t really be doing manual labor, so :p  No, I’ll mostly be doing office work and delivering around Eugene.

I’m thrilled because they want me to run their social networking and internet presence.  Right now they have a website and a blog, though the blog has not been updated in nearly four months.  There are also Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  This week we also talked about Groupon and t-shirts.

I have enjoyed my first few days, and I am excited to go back Monday.  So far this is a job I can be happy with as I build my tutoring student base.


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