It’s your car, I wouldn’t presume to drive
You’ve been the passenger enough
Now that you find yourself finally behind the wheel
I could not bring myself to take that from you.

Our speed is up to you,
Our safety is in your hands,
but here’s a message too little heard:
I trust you.

At your right hand, I’ll help navigate
Let you know about the ruts ahead
‘Cause this road can get rough
As you know, as you’ve seen.

Those crumbling roads you’ve been forced down
When you sat where I sit now.
No ally behind the wheel for you,
Just captor and blind turns.

With your foot on the clutch, your smile
Glows with none of the uncertainty
Being strapped to the passenger seat
Kept you tightly restrained with.

Let me ride with you,
But the driver’s seat is yours
Together we’ll find a scenic route
Together we’ll drive along.


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