I’m scared…

And in a stunning change of perspective, I see #Anonymous as the most rational, measured representative voice out there. I have called them terrorists, and I still see them as an extreme reaction, but these are quickly becoming extreme times.

What do we do? Our government does not represent us. This is the point where the masses rise up and our government uses our own military against us. How is it that the biggest threat to our freedom and happiness is the government we supposedly chose?

There is so much uncertainty with what is happening that I cannot look into the future with any certainty. I just read that 1 in 2 Americans is classified as low-income. That’s half of us. Obama, for all his hope, has proven too weak to do what needs to be done. I appreciate the strides he has made, I have medical insurance until my next birthday. Maybe our country was too far gone, had too much momentum.

How do things get better from here? I can keep living my day-t0-day, and I have to, but will it all be ripped away. Is there a future here? Is there one anywhere? The whole world is going to hell. It seems ridiculous, but the pace of degradation is picking up and 2012 really could be the end. I know that’s not true, but our world could be so fundamentally different one year from now.

The two biggest problems with our world: money/capitalism and religion. Take them out of our government and politics!

I was nervous. With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act I am downright frightened.

What's your opinion?

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