Feminine Form [revised]

Magnificent curves,
My eyes trace them
And the familiar muscle movement
Triggers a wave of…

No, not greed.
I don’t care to possess
Such a shape is not owned.

Each so distinct,
Yet reminiscent and familiar,
So I know where to look
To enhance the feeling of…

But not exactly.
The base instinct
Would disfigure and contort

Movements graceful
With a give and a sway,
A bounce even,
Instantly forming a…

Yet it’s not so.
That’s too short lived,
Of the heart, not the eyes.

Unerring, innate
Beauty, of a kind
I can never exhibit
And it makes me…

Hmm. That’s close,
But more about me
Not the exquisite shape.

Round and full
Feminine form,
In it’s many varieties,
Leaves me so full of…

I want to know more, see more
Experience the pleasing shapes
With all my senses, my full faculty.

Really, it’s everything
All crowding my heart and mind

— R. Brockey


[I still have the original verse available]


2 thoughts on “Feminine Form [revised]

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