On the joy of chores and errands

There is a simple and fundamental joy in completing chores and running errands. It is easy to dismiss these routine needs as tedious and to prioritize other commitments before them.

That is the position I found myself in the last two weeks. I’ve needed to clean and go grocery shopping since the weekend before last. But I have had a lot of other priorities so I kept pushing it off. Finally, today, I buckled down and just focused on crossing them off my list. I was inspired somewhat by my bare cupboards and Leah’s impending visit this weekend.

Chores and errands get put off because all they demand is attention and time. They usually require very little effort or intellectual investment. But the act of finding these little successes, of pursuing these minor accomplishments, is that it energized me to pursue those more difficult endeavors. I wasn’t wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere; I was investing a bit of time in gaining a couple of wins.

Are there bigger victories out there? Of course. But any victory is galvanizing.

In our pursuit of convenience, it is easy to try to streamline or even eliminate these regular personal requirements. I think that is a mistake. There is more to doing chores than just getting them out of the way. There rewards are more than just what they accomplish. Why do so many celebrities do their own grocery shopping? They could easily have them delivered or have someone do the shopping for them. But it is a simple joy that they want to experience.

I always feel good after running errands or doing chores. They are worth making time for.


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