So, for some reason there has been a ton of posts on my Facebook feed mocking the people that are trying to participate in the Kony2012 viral social awareness campaign. It kind of sickens me.

Usually I am all for mocking the crowd. But this time, the crowd is doing something important, even if individually they are not doing much.

If you don’t know about the Kony2012 campaign to make Joseph Kony infamous and to finally bring him to justice, please watch this video.

I don’t care if people are just jumping on the bandwagon. That is the beauty of this campaign: it takes that superficial, social-media reflex and turns it into something positive and useful. Even if people don’t do anything else, they are spreading awareness.

For my part, I am sharing this video here and Facebook. I have also changed my name across my social networks to Joseph Kony. On each of those social networks my profile picture is now:

In addition to those social actions, I have also purchased the Action Kit from the Invisible Children network store. I will be participating in Cover the Night on April 20th as well.

Together we can all make a difference. This is how world change happens now.


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