Then, Unexpectedly, in Portland – A Triforce Tribute

Neat, let's check it out...

I was running errands in North Portland today. As I was walking down the street I saw a sandwich board that advertised “The Legend of Zelda – A Triforce Tribute gallery upstairs” with the flyer pictured above. My interest was piqued so I popped into Land and headed upstairs.

Instantly a wide grin spread across my face. Three walls of Zelda-inspired artwork made up a brightly lit little gallery. It was just the sort of thing I would expect to stumble on in Portlandia.

There were wood cut-outs, paintings, a tile-work, some paper-craft. There were stuffed dolls, and there was even a collection of Zelda-themed memes, including Courage Wolf. Really it was amazing and just evocative of the fun of the Zelda series. It called to mind those afternoons of playing Link to the Past after my little brother erased my game for the FIFTH time.

My favorite piece was this potion shop sign with a row of potions! So cool. Now I wish I had gotten a closer picture of the individual potions. Damn.

Remember the glitch in Ocarina where you could replace your items with extra bottles?

I took a few more pictures. Check them out below.

The show will be running until April 21st at the Land Gallery (click for map). For more info, check out the show’s preview Tumblr


2 thoughts on “Then, Unexpectedly, in Portland – A Triforce Tribute

  1. How cool! It’s so nice to see the nostalgia of my childhood displayed so prominently. So glad you discovered this!

    • I actually walked past the shop initially. Then I stopped, turned around, and thought, “I really want to see this.”

      Totally worth the twenty or so minutes I spent in there. Zelda is a definitive part of my childhood, and this exhibit really showed how important it is to a passionate sub-culture.

      One thing I didn’t mention in my post is that there were quite a few other people also in the gallery. This show was definitely getting attention.

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