Device Agnostic

Frustrated, all I can do is laugh,
Shakin’ my head in time.
After all, we’re all lonely, right?

An incredible inconvenience,
We back ourselves into separate corners
Our escapes cut off by our shadows
Made massive by our own fears:
Maybe guilt is the Higgs boson.
Our brains build unwieldy hardware
To find evidence of the heart’s intuition.

Don’t worry, we’ll recalibrate
These instruments and contraptions.
Faster than light neutrinos,
Inconvenient fear, statistically significant doubt,
All the ghosts in the machine
Dematerialize into so much jittery foam with
Just a readjustment once you fine-tune the sensors.

Results aren’t what we’re after, after all.
Only truth, only acknowledgment,
Validation that our search is enlightened.


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