Living in History and Beauty

When I came back to Oregon, my aunt and uncle were nice enough to let me move into the upstairs of their home for a very modest rent. And it is quite a home.

My uncle loves to talk about this house. For good reason, it has a long history with his family. There has always been a member of his family living in this house, since his family built it seven generations ago. At one point in its history, it was turned into a duplex. I am renting the upstairs ‘plex. So it is a fully self-contained living space: kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms and a living room.

One of the bedrooms is decorated with the antique furniture that began its life in the house. A giant bed and vanity are the main pieces, but there is also a couple of chairs and some very old photographs of my uncle’s ancestors.

They have lived in his family home for more than three decades. And they have poured their energy into making this very old building into a absolutely beautiful home. As I drove down the street the other day, I was struck by the beauty of this house I’m lucky enough to be a guest in. I am so thankful to live here and to my aunt and uncle for sharing their home with me.


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