Wonder [verse]

I haven’t done this in a while: here’s a poem. I haven’t been able to silence my mind enough lately to write much of anything. Today slowed down, though, and my feelings became glass. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

do you wonder what this time means to me?
is it any wonder I’m coming around,
turnin’ my days into nights whenever I’m with you?
there’s nothin’ more real than what I feel
right here, sayin’ nothin’ but nothin’ at all.
you ask why I’m smilin’, and you don’t see
this is the happiest moment of my day.
as I silently stare, you don’t turn away
you’ve depth enough for us to share

all the times I’ve played this through in my head
by now I’ve realized there’s only one way it goes.
inevitably, unavoidably, I’m going to love you.
too late now ‘cause I started days ago, really.
it’s no wonder then that the world streams by
and I, I forget to notice until you’re there in it.
so believe me I’ve been considerin’ little else
fussin’ over how you feel, and should I tell?
this is the most I’ve enjoyed such misery.

remember when you see me quietly smilin’,
you wonder whether maybe I’m bored with you,
you have me fascinated, intimidated some,
when you challenge me into introspection.
then you laugh at my muteness, kiss me
since my mouth is useless, and the day is right.
you’re only gettin’ better, this is only becomin’ real-er.
this is me, a few words at least, for you to read
in case you wonder what this time means to me.

–R. Brockey

So much in my life is so very different from just a year ago. Very soon, the full extent of my growth over this last year will be clear.

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