Why Would You Like to Go to Mars?

Mars One Colony

Those who interact with me frequently know that one of the ideas I’m most passionate about is establishing a colony on Mars. One of the current ventures that aims to make that happen is Mars One. I signed up to be notified when they start accepting applications. Recently I received an email from them. They would like me to answer one simple question: why would you like to go Mars?

That is the question, isn’t it? I want to give them a thoughtful response. So, I present to you the first version of my answer. Please read over my response. I welcome any and all criticism. Your advice and questions will help me make this a stronger, tighter statement.

Why I would like to go to Mars:

As a species, our next great destiny is to take to space. It is inevitable that we will become a space-faring people. Never have we let a frontier restrain us, keep us from reaching beyond the environment we currently know. We cannot. Our curiosity is too great, our sense of purpose too irresistible.

There has to be a first step. Some group must be the first people to live on another planet, to die on another planet. And there must, at some point, be the first human born on another planet.

I will  be part of humanity’s first step to living across the stars. I will be a pioneer. I will help build a new civilization from nothing, crafting a self-sufficient community that will shine as the crown jewel of human accomplishment. I will be a small part of an endeavor that involves the effort of many, many intelligent and driven people.

I will do all this by going to Mars.

On Mars, I will have an opportunity to live with others that are just as passionate as I am about being a planetary pioneer. Our very survival will depend on trusting each other completely and on each colonist’s willingness to sacrifice on behalf of the community. We will have to become a deeply connected family. I want to be a part of that family.

We all want our lives to have meaning. We expend tremendous effort trying to earn recognition or create a lasting impression. This is where I want to spend my effort. I want to spend the rest of my life building and supporting a colony on another world. That is the meaning I want my life to have. I can think of few other ways that I could so fundamentally impact my world than by creating a new one.

When I go to Mars, I will be a part of a historic transition for our entire species. I will get to help take that first step as we take to the stars. Along the way, I’ll get to work with some of the most intelligent, amazing people here on Earth. Some of them will become my family for the rest of my days. Establishing a colony on Mars is exactly the way I want to spend my life.

What do you think? Would you be interested in going to Mars. Are you going to apply to Mars One?

Please let me know what you thought of my explanation of why I want to go to Mars.


4 thoughts on “Why Would You Like to Go to Mars?

  1. not much i would change. pretty much word for word what i would also say and you’re right; space is the destiny of the human species. i personally hope minus the religious bullshit.

    i have no hope of leaving earth except me and my wifes dna maybe on the first interstellar ship; the 100yss.

    if you make it i salute you. think of us in your contemplative moments in the new colony.


    • Thank you for reading! I’m really excited about the Hundred Year Starship as well.

      I do hope we can take the best of ourselves with us and leave behind everything that once divided us.

      There will be plenty more updates about colonizing Mars, so keep reading.

  2. Perhaps one main ship that is permanently in space and repeats return trips from earth to mars – and smaller vessels act as taxis delivering the passengers. On another note, be cool if we could smack a comet into Mars or trigger a volcano.

    • That’s a really interesting idea. Once a colony is established and it becomes clear that there will be a steady stream of colonists, I imagine that is exactly what will happen. At that point there won’t be any reason there can’t be transport back from Mars.

      As for smacking a comet into Mars or triggering a volcano, I assume by cool you mean it would be interesting to see if we have that capability. I don’t really know what we’d gain from that, though. Wanton destruction for its own sake is rather unscientific.

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