Response to Michael Goodwin’s “Why it’s time for a Trump Revolution” in the New York Post

I read Michael Goodwin’s article “Why it’s time for a Trump Revolution”, was dismayed and disappointed, and then tried to move on. It stuck with me, though. There are so many half-baked justifications for supporting Trump, and this article captures a few of them. The problem with these justifications is a lot of the logic doesn’t actually follow through.

The writer, Michael Goodwin, admits that Trump was not at all his favorite candidate initially. Though he’s a registered Democrat, he doesn’t care much for the Democratic candidates–he’s “just not that kind of Democrat”. He did like some of the Republican candidates, but they’ve been driven out of the race by Trump’s success.

His argument against front-runner Clinton is that voting for her would make it “impossible to demand honesty from any political official”. His reasoning is that she’s corrupt and a through-and-through liar. While it’s debatable whether his premise is false, his reasoning only seems to apply to Clinton. Trump is demonstrably a liar. He makes patently and verifiably false claims ( To be fair, so do all candidates. The problem here is not that Trump makes false claims and that Clinton doesn’t. The problem is that Goodwin’s reason for opposing Clinton is that she’s a liar. He doesn’t want to put a liar in the White House. Yet he wrote this article supporting Trump, who is also a liar.

Goodwin never actually says why Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be a good alternative to Trump or why he’s not a good Democratic nominee, other than a vague statement about how he’s not the Democrat to correct the “course that was dangerous and unsustainable” that Obama set the country on. Moving on…

Goodwin then acknowledges that Trump’s “policies are as detailed as bumper stickers and his lack of knowledge about complex issues scares me.” That’s okay, though, because there are 7.5 million people who have voted for him. So, Trump’s rhetoric isn’t empty and ignorant because 2.4% of the population have voted him? That doesn’t make any sense. Just because there are people that support a candidate does not somehow make that candidate an effective leader nor a reasonable wielder of power.

The next claim is that the general rejection of Trump must be because so many of those 7.5 million supporters are middle-class White people. According to Goodwin, the prejudice against White middle-class people “is perhaps the last acceptable bigotry”. This sets up the biggest argument of the article, and it is an argument that circulates amongst Trump supporters. The power of hard-working White people has been stolen and given to the poor, to “nonwhites”, to illegal immigrants, even “rioters and looters”. Trump represents those oppressed and forgotten White people seizing back power.

This argument would make a lot of sense, but those people never lost power. What’s happening is that when oppressed groups, such as those in poverty, or people of color, or immigrants, gain power, the dominant culture–White middle-class and wealthy people in the US–see the relative power change as a loss of power. White people are still more than represented in government and media. White people are still disproportionately represented in leadership positions. This argument from Goodwin makes it clear that he doesn’t actually understand the dynamics of social justice nor any narrative other than his own. And that’s who is supporting Trump. People who think empowering others necessarily means stripping power from those who currently have it–White people.

“What is his great sin?” Goodwin asks, and then answers, “Breaking the taboo about what ails the middle class?” Well, if that’s a great sin, then Sanders is guilty of it too, as his platform is built on supporting the middle class. If you didn’t know this article was about Trump, the last 7 or so paragraphs would seem like they’re about Sanders. For all the reasons Goodwin sees to support Trump, most of them could be equally applied to Clinton’s challenger for the Democratic nomination. Which makes me wonder what the real reasons are that Goodwin supports Trump.

Goodwin concludes that Trump is a revolutionary and that a political revolution is following Trump. Now, I wonder myself if a Trump presidency would mean revolution, but I don’t think it’s the same type of revolution that Goodwin has in mind. It would likely be the revolution that occurs when progress is stymied and those just starting to gain power within the system suddenly find themselves powerless once again.


5 thoughts on “Response to Michael Goodwin’s “Why it’s time for a Trump Revolution” in the New York Post


    • Oh. I’m so glad you told me. Thank you for pointing out that I’m wrong. It’s even more convincing because of the way you belittle me by calling me a child.

  2. Michael Goodwin forgets God is behind President Trump. He IS God’s man for the hour and God will sustain him through the worst barrage of lies from liberals I have seen in my 74 years. I can only imagine what President Trump’s 11 year old son Barron must be feeling. Liberals are despicable; many countries are shitholes and a reminder, libs many times say we cannot send illegals back to…well…..basically, SHITHOLE countries they came from. But that’s fine when libs says it. Like the thousands we took in to save them from earthquakes in Central America…..AND THEY ARE STILL HERE 19 YEARS LATER. Yeah, we are really mean, aren’t we? Taken in MORE PEOPLE than the rest of the world combined – many of those people coming from shit hole countries. But we’re mean and evil. And the libs that complain don’t live anywhere near where many from those countries settle in the U. S. Like Nancy Pelosi who lives in opulence in Frisco, uses our tax payer paid for jets to fly back and forth. She would NEVER live on the Mexican border 35 years like I did where you couldn’t ask a Walmart employee a question because he or she didn’t speak a word of English; where Dillards stores had to be careful because the plumbing in Mexico is so bad, people put the toilet paper they wipe with IN THE GARBAGE CAN RATHER THAN FLUSH IT. In the Dillard’s stores on our side, they would do the same thing. More than once, I have gone in to use a Dillard’s toilet; only to hurry and cover my mouth and nose and rush out. Dillard’s employees told me they had to constantly check the bathrooms due to the health hazard those south of the border caused.

    • So, this is a Trump supporter on full display. I don’t even have to point out the implied xenophobia. It is explicit.

      Also, why are Trump supporters bringing back divine right? One of the reasons this country was founded as a democracy was the realization that the people should choose our leaders, not the delusions of those that posit a god-figure. God did not put Trump in office. A careful effort to politically weaponize a minority of voters in strategically useful places to take advantage of a broken electoral system put Trump in office.

      As for Irishrose’s anecdotes, it’s important to remember that the experiences of a single person do not create a larger truth. For instance, they could have easily communicated with the Wal-Mart employees near the Mexican border by *speaking Spanish*. If you live near a huge Spanish speaking population, the inability to communicate is just as much on you.

      Anyway. Comments like this are great because they are ridiculous on their face. No one reasonable will take them seriously. And they show the ludicrous arguments people have to make to find some way to continue supporting Trump.

      • Hey, R. Writing/opining/analyzing anything vis-à-vis trump is something I’ve become more disinclined to pursue. While my passion for honest, in-depth discussion and debate remain intact, I’ve concluded (after 26 mos. of ’45’) that I was in the midst of an uber-exercise in futility when attempting to engage those supportive of ’45’ in any truthful, factual & meaningful dialogue. Valid POVs are met with ad hominem response. A laundry list of decades-long ‘provable’ infractions affixed to trump will yield the hackneyed cliché – “. . .Hillary’s emails?”. Scope, character, caliber nor magnitude of severity of the violation(s) are relevant to the acolytes of their man-child overlord. I’ve concluded that change will only come via #BlueWave 2.0 in 2020. With the Mueller Report, impeachment and any attempt to guide the folks who were bamboozled by a shyster extraordinaire to ‘see the light’ seem to have become moot, strategically speaking, it looks like we need to ride this storm out till Nov 3, 2020; (That is, as long as the nitwit doesn’t start WWIII or worse.) OK, I’ll step down from my soapbox now and truncate my pontificating. The point is, that while I’ve decided to save my sanity & curb my commentary on social media, I concur at 💯 on your sound reasoning and judgment in this crucial, historical time we’re enduring and look forward to reading your blog in your valiant effort to talk sense to the knuckleheads who bow to this dolt. Finally, your analysis of Mr. Goodwin’s article was right on – ‘nail on the head’. Mr. G seems full bore on-board the t-train. His current write-ups on trump indicate little departure in support of ’45’ since this publication. ~ spm

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