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Image taken from webcomics by Mark Rogers.

Used under Creative Commons license.

16 thoughts on “Contact

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  3. Dear Ryan Brockey

    The more I seek more information about the Diaspora to my intuition says that we have a new sea to navigate on. As said the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, “Navigating is necessary, to live is not ‘necessary’,” believe that the platform will unfold in two bridges. The first, as you pointed out, may lead her to become a protocol, because of the dynamics of web telematics and is suitable for their users to integrate their specific needs. On the other hand, due to this same logic, it could become an interesting platform, mass, however, inescapably breaking boundaries. Other open source, but closed content, such as schools use, Moodle, for example, can easily adapt to the Diaspora, not necessarily eliminate the intrinsic limits of these virtual experiences. I still have many thoughts, but I leave for another opportunity, write, finally, to request an invitation to try D *.

    Best regards and big hug

    Teatcher Eliezer
    Sao Paulo / Brazil

    • I think you’ve got it exactly. Just because the web is open and just because the platform is open, doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted to serve a closed community, when that is necessary.

      Thanks for visiting and big thanks for commenting! Your invite has been sent. Enjoy. Make sure you send feedback and share your experience with those that aren’t yet on Diaspora.

  4. Intriguing, and hopeful. I would like to play in the sandbox too.

  5. Great article, informative, well written. It convinced me to apply for a D* sign up.
    Cheers. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey, thanks. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and thinking about Diaspora. I’m glad I get to play with it now. I’ve sent you an invite to make it easier for you to get in.

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  9. hello im one of your students Sirus.g you are the best person i got to interact with. you dint feel or act like a bad teacher but like a good friend and both me,pagan,Desmond and Henry felt that way. i wish you dint leave but you had to and i understand why. because you were having bad suicidal thoughts. so i hope you can read this message and comment .thank you for reading

    • Sirus, hi there. Thank you for messaging me here. I saw your message on Facebook. There are rules about teachers and former teachers friending and messaging students on social media, so I couldn’t respond.

      I really enjoyed getting to know you, as well as Desmond, Henry, and Pagan. Please tell them I say hello and I hope they are well. Also please tell Taiga hello for me.

      I hope school is going well for you. You only have a few months until Summer! Please focus on your studies and make sure you ask lots of questions. Always think about if there is a good question you can ask.

      You’re great. Thank *you* for reading and for writing.

      • i told taiga and and the rest and they all said thank you for what you did. All of your classes people were in had fun and miss you. bye Mx.Brockey hope you liked the new star wars movie. goodbye

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