EDST 610 – Travel Journal – Table of Contents and Main Page

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About the Author

Ryan Brockey has been writing about their journey in learning since the beginning of the millennium. After earning a degree in applied mathematics, they spent several years as a private math and physics tutor before finally joining UOTeach at University of Oregon. Ryan turned to teaching to further their own learning as well as to share and foster passion for math, science, and technology. Ideally, Ryan will one day be writing about their journey to Mars.

About this Journal

This journal collects the assigned writings from EDST 610 Foundations of Teaching and Learning, which I took the Summer of 2015 while enrolled in UOTeach at University of Oregon. The writings offered an opportunity to summarize and respond to three major theories of learning. This journal was also an opportunity to explore my own ideas about teaching. The culminating entry is my own personal theory of teaching and learning.

Readers can navigate through this journal using this Table of Contents below, the EDST 610 – Travel Journal menu at the top of the page, and by using the Previous and Next links at the bottom of every entry.

Table of Contents

Letter to Myself as a Future Teacher

Memorable Learning Experience

What is Behaviorism?

Behaviorism in the Classroom

What is Social Cognitive Theory?

Social Cognitive Theory in the Classroom

What is Constructivism?

Constructivism in the Classroom: Project-based Learning

What is Motivation?

Response to Nieto Reading

Response to “To Teach: A Journey, in Comics” by Bill Ayres

Revisiting My Memorable Learning Experience

Instructional Game Idea

Personal Theory of Teaching and Learning


Appendix: Reference and Inspiration





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