A Vision Non-material: Abandon and dismantle the machine of possession culture.

This post is dedicated to Thea and our incredibly challenging, fulfilling conversations. Thea, you’re right.

Ubiquitous mobile phones are a product of possession culture. Obviously there is the desire to possess the new shiny product of the moment. But, more than that, there is the desire to possess other people. The cultural norm of always having your device nearby and of prioritizing it allows us to be possessed by the people that may cause it to ring, to buzz, to jingle-jangle.

What if we abandoned possession culture? What if we abandoned capitalism. What if doing and being became more important than having?

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American Healthcare and Capitalism

I have long been doubtful of capitalism. Keep in mind that I did not just say that I have long been anti-America. Based on my research, capitalism is not a core American value, it is merely an American tradition. I think innovation and an ability to disregard harmful anachronisms are key values. And I don’t feel less American for it.

I love this country. I think up until the last decade or two, it was easy for people to say America is the best country on Earth. I think America can get it back. We just need to shrug off the burdens of recent history and look to the future with hope.

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