DC Teaching Fellows – I’m In!

Monday night I received an email from DC Teaching Fellows offering me a place in their summer 2011 cohort.  Within a couple of months I will be moving to DC and, beginning this Fall, I will be teaching math.

Everyone I’ve told has been very excited for me, which helps me get excited.  My excitement is tempered by the prospect of now finding a place to live and moving me and my life across the entire country.  If anyone has recommendations for how to go about such a move, I would appreciate the feedback.  Also, if you have any leads for housing make sure you contact me.

Ideally, I want to find an apartment or house with some roommates.  It would be great to move into a house that is already established, with people familiar with the area.  I am hoping there might be someplace that tends to cater to Fellows, where there will be others sharing my experience.

It is clear now that getting in was the easy part.  I know that the challenge is just begun.

When I first opened the email I was really filled with a bit of terror.  A moment where I felt myself drop into open space.  Since then, I have asked myself over and over again “Is this something I really want to do?  Will it be worth the expense, the difficulty, the challenge?”  But when I think about what I will be doing every day–planning lessons, showing off math, breaking apart the ideas into manageable portions, grading homework, interacting with students–I know that it is all I want to do, something I must do.

This is going to be good.  And keep an eye here, because I know I will want to share it.