What the hell happened?

This last week I descended into the most severe anxiety-induced depressive episode of my life. I’ve experienced two similar, though less severe, episodes since I began teaching. As I descended, I made a life altering choice. I want to explain this period and what I was going through. My goal is those who know me a closer look at what I experienced. A secondary goal of this post is to offer solidarity and to make a space for these kinds of feelings and discussions. We don’t talk about this stuff enough, and a lot of us are suffering through feelings and impulses that we keep to ourselves.

[content warning: suicidal ideation] Continue reading


Giving Up Video Games

Now that the Halo: Reach beta has come to a close, I have decided to give up video games for the next three to six months. This is a productivity decision as well as a personal challenge. I am by no means addicted to video games, but they are a time-sink. Continue reading