A moment of reflection on my life trajectory

Today I watched Engadget’s mini-documentary Citizen Mars, which provides a glimpse into the character of five different Mars One candidates who have made it to the Final 100. Since I’ve finished it, I’ve been thinking about my priorities, my ambitions, and my goals. I’ve been focused on graduate school and my goal of becoming a math and physics teacher for the last few months. My attention has been on the day-to-day because I’ve had so many short-term commitments. I haven’t really thought about the overall direction of my life for a while.

When Mars One first put out the call for candidates to go on a one-way trip to Mars, I applied. Getting to Mars was my ultimate goal. It still is. As I watched the Citizen Mars videos, I realized that I feel just as passionately as those candidates.

Can teaching get me to Mars? Maybe. A true colony will eventually have children, and children need to be educated. What will education look like within a Martian colony?

I still have Ph.D. ambitions. I need to find a critical need of a colony mission and pursue solutions to that need as my graduate work. I need to make myself an obvious and necessary addition to such a mission.

In pursuing teaching now and Mars overall, I’ve chosen to leave behind other ambitions. Robotics and artificial intelligence are now merely hobby interests. My interest in user experience remains that. Even my further study of physics or mathematics has been halted. Yet, I cannot give up my drive towards Mars. I am not yet ready to cede this ambition to something more realistic or pragmatic.


Forecasting – Mars, Intelligent Machines, Warp Drive

I eagerly follow developments in the space and computer technology industries. The cutting edge of these fields keeps me excited for the future and provides a sense of wonder as I ponder what we might yet accomplish. There are three major achievements that I truly believe I am likely to see in my lifetime: human settlements on Mars, truly intelligent machines, and warp drives. I have seen amazing evidence that these fixtures of science fiction may just become our reality by the mid-21st Century. Continue reading

Four Months of Life

It has been four months, to the day, since my last post. That last post was also my 100th post, so hooray for a milestone. Four months is not very long, really, so it is amazing how much can change in so short a time.

I think the biggest change is that I have come completely out of the closet Continue reading

Why Would You Like to Go to Mars?

Mars One Colony

Those who interact with me frequently know that one of the ideas I’m most passionate about is establishing a colony on Mars. One of the current ventures that aims to make that happen is Mars One. I signed up to be notified when they start accepting applications. Recently I received an email from them. They would like me to answer one simple question: why would you like to go Mars?

That is the question, isn’t it? I want to give them a thoughtful response. So, I present to you the first version of my answer. Please read over my response. I welcome any and all criticism. Your advice and questions will help me make this a stronger, tighter statement.

Why I would like to go to Mars: Continue reading

Pride & The Future

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Students have been clamoring for every available hour I have to prepare for finals next week. This afternoon was quiet, though, it’s the earliest I’ve ever been able to get off the farm and I don’t have students on Fridays or Saturdays. Yeah, I made sure I worked days off into my schedule this term.

There’s a bunch of stuff I want to share and talk about. So, this is going to be an Interests & Excitement post! Remember when I did one of those once? Well, it’s back.

I’m going to break this into two categories: Personal & Accomplishments, and News & Entertainment. Here we go. Continue reading