Teaching Resource – Parable of the Polygons

Parable of the PolygonsA few weeks back I came across Parable of the Polygons, a “playable post” from Vi Hart and Nicky Case. I’ve been pretty entranced by it since. This post uses simple, interactive cellular automata to demonstrate how preferences in each individual can affect the entire system. This is a metaphor, and a model, for how even slight individual biases can lead to segregation at the societal level.

The beauty of Hart and Case’s work is in it’s simplicity. Continue reading


What Privilege is Not

Of all the topics I post about, privilege seems to produce the most vitriol in the comments. Be it white privilege, male privilege, hetero privilege, cis privilege, mono privilege, able privilege, or some combination of these and other forms of privilege, people seem to push back, almost out of instinct, against their existence. These comments all have at least one commonality: confusion between what privilege is and is not. There have been many wonderful pieces written explaining exactly what privilege is. And the comments in those articles are still filled with confusion-based push back. So, I want to provide a list of some of the things that privilege is NOT so that I can just link to this post in those discussions. Feel free to do the same. Continue reading