Research Notes: Elon Musk, Tesla, and SpaceX

I sing a lot of praises for Elon Musk because he seems to be that mythical ethical capitalist. I really respect the way he runs his companies and I truly believe his companies SpaceX and Tesla are going to catalyze some tremendous changes.

I realized, though, that I only know the awesome things that the Musk PR team tells me about. Surely his companies, as big corporations, must be just as corrupt as those other corporations. While they do good works and really draw attention to their ethical behavior, Musk’s companies must also be exploiting overseas labor and resources. That’s just how corporate entities operate as they poach money, right?

What isn’t Musk telling us about the less ethical practices of his businesses Tesla and SpaceX?

I truly don’t know. So, I thought this was the perfect topic for my inaugural Research Notes format blog post. What follows are summaries of the resources I find to help me answer my question. I’ll wrap up with any conclusion I can draw.

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Forecasting – Mars, Intelligent Machines, Warp Drive

I eagerly follow developments in the space and computer technology industries. The cutting edge of these fields keeps me excited for the future and provides a sense of wonder as I ponder what we might yet accomplish. There are three major achievements that I truly believe I am likely to see in my lifetime: human settlements on Mars, truly intelligent machines, and warp drives. I have seen amazing evidence that these fixtures of science fiction may just become our reality by the mid-21st Century. Continue reading

Pride & The Future

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Students have been clamoring for every available hour I have to prepare for finals next week. This afternoon was quiet, though, it’s the earliest I’ve ever been able to get off the farm and I don’t have students on Fridays or Saturdays. Yeah, I made sure I worked days off into my schedule this term.

There’s a bunch of stuff I want to share and talk about. So, this is going to be an Interests & Excitement post! Remember when I did one of those once? Well, it’s back.

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