Where I Am and Where I Am Going

Teach for America did not invite me to a final interview.  I’m disappointed because I think I could have done very well in their program.  Thanks to my wife, Leah, I have been asked to interview for NYC Teaching Fellows and I am awaiting a response to my application with DC Teaching Fellows.  They are like localized versions of Teach for America.

I am in the process of making sure I get myself to New York City for the interview with NYCTF.  I am very excited about this prospect.  This is such an incredible opportunity for me to make a difference and improve the chances of success for both Leah and I while she finishes her final two years of pharmacy school.  This little bit of hope has got me thinking more about my future and what I really want to do with my life. Continue reading


Quick Blog – Fair Assessment Idea

As I was going over prep materials for my Teach for America application, I began thinking about tests and assessments. This is an idea I had for how to approach assessments as a learning tool that can foster feelings of success in all students, not just the students that do well on the test.

Testing is the most efficient means of measuring student abilities. Each student, if satisfied, is free to accept the grade he or she earned on the assessment.

If the student is not satisfied, he or she can demonstrate an understanding of the material and I can give feedback and modify the test score to reflect true mastery of the subject matter. This gives students a “second-chance” and an ability to turn a perceived failure into demonstrable success, not only redeeming themselves but building concrete understanding of the lesson.

Extra credit points will also be freely given out for exemplary performance and for demonstrating command of course content. This includes helping peers achieve and learn the material.