Retreat – a video blog in two parts

Part 1 – What It Means

Part 2 – Where I’m Going

In case you missed it, I just posted my 50th blog post a few days ago.  Isn’t that exciting?!



I was reading this blog, someone else’s account of his failure and why it is meaningful to embrace it.  He embedded a video of J.K. Rowling’s Harvard commencement address back in 2008.  It was extremely meaningful to me, so I’ve included it below.


A Good Week

If you follow my Twitter feed you know that I had a really good day on Monday.  At the end of the day I said a blog would be following “soon.”  Well I meant for soon to be faster than four days, but this is what you get.  I’ve been busy.

Anyway, my first week on the East Coast has been incredible.  There has been stress and worry, certainly, as you know from my post about my first day here.  My friends and family have been very supportive and encouraging as I dealt with those feelings of loneliness and fear in this new environment.  I have also received both of the boxes I was worried about.  That is a huge relief.  The apartment is clean and livable.  Crisis averted.

Since that first day, though, things have really turned around.  I have gotten used to navigating and travelling via buses and trains.  I am a master of the Metro :)   Continue reading